Air Conditioning

Once a rarity on all but the most expensive of vehicles, it’s now rare for a new car not to have air conditioning.

Air conditioning or climate control not only provides cool air in summer but also de humidifies (Removes moisture from the air) which helps clear misted screens in winter. This misconception can cause poor performance through lack of use as the gassing the system leaks out.

The system requires regular use to circulate the gas, which contains a lubricant, which keeps the seals supple.

Regular replacement of the pollen filter also keeps airflow efficient.

Problems caused by faulty Air conditioning are

  • Smells caused by bacteria build up causing sore throat symptoms
  • Poor air flow through vents
  • Warm vent temperature in summer
  • Poor windscreen demisting in colder weather.

We offer an Air Conditioning system Check, to assess your refrigerant levels, carry out a system leak check and operation. If the system needs attention, our technicians have all the necessary equipment to repair and return your system to correct operation.

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