Cambelt Change

The cambelt or timing belt is one of the hardest working components in an engine. Made from a rubber based compound that deteriorates over time, even with low mileage, it should be replaced as a complete kit including all the relevant tensioners and rollers in good time to avoid significant engine damage.

Timing belt wear and tear is influenced by a number of factors including mileage, time and contamination, it is therefore essential that it is inspected and replaced at regular intervals including all tensioners.
Replacement of the timing belt is a complex and labour intensive operation requiring many special tools. By entrusting your car to us you can be confident that the work is carried out to the highest standards.

Ricci concept recommends that you consult the manufacturer’s handbook for mileage recommendations as different engines have varying intervals or at the least every 4 years.

We also recommend replacement of auxiliary belts at the same time.

For Advice or to Book your vehicle in for a cambelt change please contact us on 01482 322446