Regular servicing is key to protecting your vehicles performance and reliability. A full service history will also enhance the future re-sale value of your vehicle.

How often should my car be serviced?

This will depend on your driving style and the service schedule you use for your vehicle.

There are two different service schedules used by the VAG group, the fixed Inspection Service regime and the variable or Long Life Service schedule.

Fixed Inspection Service

schedule has fixed intervals for both the Oil-change Service and the Inspection Service, which are determined by time and distance.

  • Recommended for less than 20,000 miles per year
  • City or urban driving
  • Short distance journeys
  • Uneconomical driving styles, i.e. heavy acceleration and braking, constant use of high revs
  • High engine loading conditions, i.e. frequent towing and hill climbs

Variable / Long Life Service schedule

the Inspection Service intervals are also fixed but the Oil-change Service intervals are flexible up to a maximum of 19,000 miles or 2 years. Sensors take account of driving style and conditions to determine when the Oil-change Service is required and the driver is informed via the service interval display.( Note:- this will not inform you of any of the extra service items when they are due- See additional items at the bottom of the page)

  • Recommended for more than 20,000 miles per year
  • Motorway or long distance driving

Additional service items include:-

  • Brake fluid change ( Due every 2 years )
  • DSG and automatic transmission service ( refer to service book for service intervals )
  • Haldex service for 4 wheel drive vehicles ( see haldex page here)
  • Automatic gearbox service( refer to service book for service intervals )
  • Cambelt change- refer to service book for interval for your engine ( see cambelt change page here )
  • Pollen filter ( refer to service book for service intervals )
  • Air Filter ( refer to service book for service intervals)
  • Fuel filter ( refer to service book for service intervals )
  • Spark plugs (Petrol engines)


Under previous regulations, owners of a car with a manufacturers warranty were required to have their vehicles maintained at their local dealer in order to conform with the conditions of the warranty.

Recent agreements between the motor manufacturers and the European Union competition’s commission have lead to a peeling back of block exemption restrictive practices to offer the consumer a greater and more competitive choice of supplier of services.

Motor manufacturers are providing the independent sector with technical information, diagnostic equipment and training, to service their range of vehicles.

A car under manufacturers warranty can be serviced by the independent sector without invalidating the manufacturers warranty, providing it’s serviced in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations.”

Ricci Concept owner Nick Sanderson said:

“This represents more freedom for the motorist and allows them to use Specialist garages like us where we have the same equipment and skills as the dealers but costs can be much lower.

This represents a chance for motorists to take advantage of the potentially lower costs of servicing and repairs that can be gained from having maintenance work carried out by garages operating in the independent sector such as Ricci Concept.

Ricci Concept, who specialise in Audi, VW, Seat and Skoda and now prestigious brand Porsche can now therefore carry out work on these cars, without invalidating the customer’s manufacturer warranty allowing the customer to have a choice of garage other than their dealership.

After continual investment we are now one of the few Independent specialists in the UK with access to the Volkswagen group GEKO system. This is the system used by the main dealers and allows access to the latest data, New Key and control unit coding and the latest software updates.