Re-Mapping (Chip Tuning)

More power ,more torque, without significantly increasing fuel consumption – that’s the classic battle tuners must overcome to successfully tune the standard engine. For over a decade ricci concept has relied on professional craftsmanship to overcome this problem. In the age of electronic engine management chip tuning is a proven method of increasing the performance of an engine.

Without a great deal of work to the standard engine mechanical parts, chip-tuning methods (remapping) enable quick and efficient performance gains. Various maps in the engine management software are modified by detailed reprogramming.
Data throughout the complete rev range and in all throttle positions including Ignition timing, fueling and turbo boost pressures are stored in these maps.

Before these ecu upgrades are released our engineers spend a great deal of time and effort in development.
Exhaust emissions, fuel consumption and driveability are all checked via a range of tests and trials. After attaining many requirements and reaching the desired performance gains the upgrade receives its stamp of approval and is only then available to our customers.

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Can my car be re-mapped?

Most cars from about 1999 can be re-mapped. Before you start though you must make sure your car’s service plan is up to date and the car is running efficiently.

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Is re-mapping different from chipping?

No, it’s just an easier way of doing it. The program that holds your cars engine mapping is contained in an EPROM (Chip). When you “chip” a car you have to open the cars ECU, unplug or de-solder the EPROM, you then read the program, modify it, program a new chip with this data then either place it in its socket or solder it back onto the circuit board. When you re-map an ECU, you read the data from the EPROM (chip) by connecting through the cars diagnostic socket. Once it has been read you can modify the file then overwrite the EPROM with the modified file. This then allows you to apply different maps where applicable and also restore the original data should you require it. The benefit obviously of this is that it means you have not changed any standard part of the car and therefore warranty is unaffected.

What BHP and Torque increase can I expect on my car?

It is different for every car. Just ask and we can advise you – but as a rough guide the car will gain about 30% improvements in power and torque can be achieved. At Ricci Concept we have a 2-wheel drive rolling road, one of the only ones in the area, that can be used for before and after power measurements and for diagnosing any faults which are causing running problems.

What’s the likely effect on fuel consumption?

Due to the increased power and torque throughout the rev range, improvements in fuel consumption of up to 10% can be achieved.

How long does it take?

Most cars take about 1½ hours – although some can take much longer.

What if I want to sell my car?

You can re-load your cars original file – but to be honest it may help the sale of your car.

How will it affect my warranty?

Your car dealer cannot determine a software modification with his diagnostic equipment. Since we modify the original program from each car, all engine characteristics and VIN numbers stay the same leaving the modifications undetectable.

What about insurance?

This is where the difficulty can lay. Basically the change in the engine map is extremely hard to diagnose, even with the right equipment to compare it with.
Secondly car manufacturers through their dealerships regularly update the mapping to correct running problems using the same process.
We recommend contacting your insurance for guidance.

Will this reduce the life of my engine?

The power reserves of the engine are so large, that you don’t have to expect more engine wear with normal driving. We optimise the settings of the engine without exceeding the limits of the reliability. Regular maintenance and service is important though.

If you would like further information regarding this service for your vehicle, please contact us.