Rolling Road

Our workshop boasts a Rototest 4 wheel drive hub dyno – one of only a few in the country. This has proved extremely popular with regular and new customers.

Many car enthusiasts want to “see” how their car is performing and the benefits of any modifications they have made. A graph obtained from a rolling road session displays power and torque characteristics across the rev range of the vehicle. Using the information gained, the engine characteristics and performance can be modified to ensure that it is running at it’s optimum level – this is the best way to see any improvements or potential problems when tuning your engine. We aim to ensure that the results are as accurate as possible so that vehicles can be reliably tuned and maintained.

By keeping a check on your car’s performance you not only help keep it running at it’s best but also at it’s most efficient.

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How It Works

The Rototest chassis dynamometer has revolutionized the way vehicle performance testing is performed.

Whether it is a requirement for high performance or getting the maximum efficiency from your vehicle, the Rototest chassis dynamometer allows us to test and evaluate these factors very accurately.

The unique edge over competitors is the fact that the patented Rototest method replaces the drive wheels with it’s own wheel adapters that are bolted in place, providing a slip-free installation. The dynamometer itself is built around industrial hydraulic pumps which are mounted in a cradle. The movement of the cradle is limited by a torque measuring system that, thanks to it’s intelligent design, includes all parasitic losses (e.g. bearing friction).

What It Can Do

1. Constant speed

Keeps a constant speed (rpm, mph, etc). The throttle adjusts the torque. Used for ECU calibration (fuel mapping, ignition timing), comparison of manufacturer specifications, etc.

2. Sweep

Accelerates at a constant predefined rate (up or down) between two set points.

3. Road resistance simulation

Simulates road resistance caused by aerodynamic drag, rolling resistance and incline

4. Active Inertia™

Simulates real-world accelerations defined by inertia, aerodynamic drag and rolling resistance.

5. Atmospheric pressure, Relative humidity, Ambient temp… Installed inside the Datacq™ cabinet is a high precision atmospheric pressure sensor taking care of monitoring the pressure variations due to weather or altitude. The relative humidity and ambient temperature sensor included with the system fits conveniently on the side of the cabinet.

6. ROTOTEST® Datacq™.Data acquisition system allows monitoring of up to 6 K- type thermocouples and 8 analogue inputs

7. ROTOTEST® Datmon™ Module that enable logging of generic signals from vehicles with On-Board-Diagnostic, OBD system. Use with Bluetooth OBD device.

Why It’s Better

The traditional chassis dynamometer (using rollers) can be considered similar to the Rototest concept, but is undoubtably inferior in regards to precision and accuracy. While other measuring systems use the “rolling road” method to test the car’s power, it can leave the tests vulnerable to miscalculations due to slip between the hubs and dynamometer (normally experienced between wheels and rollers). This problem can be bypassed using the patented Rototest thanks to the measuring system that is independent of the absorption system, giving us industry-leading accuracy.

The chassis dynamometer is today used by most of the major car manufacturers and other renowned companies (e.g. General Motors, Renault, Volkswagen, …) in their development, quality assurance and research.

ROTOTEST VPA-R53 4WD Specification

Maximum system performance

Braking power

2WD (R3) 309 kW (414 imp hp)

2WD (R5) 544 kW (730 imp hp)

4WD (R53) 618 kW (829 imp hp)

Braking wheel torque

2WD (R3) 1700 Nm (1254 lb-ft)

2WD (R5) 2000 Nm (1475 lb-ft)

4WD (R53) 3400 Nm (2508 lb-ft)

Vehicle speed*

2WD (R3) 306 km/h (190 mph)

2WD (R5) 331 km/h (205 mph)

4WD (R53) 306 km/h (190 mph)

Wheel speed

2WD (R3) 2500 1/min

2WD (R5) 2700 1/min

4WD (R53) 2500 1/min

* 650 mm (25.59 inch) wheel diameter

Measuring accuracy

Speed accuracy

2WD (R3) 0.1 1/min

2WD (R5) 0.1 1/min

4WD (R53) 0.1 1/min

Torque accuracy

2WD (R3) ± 0.1 % FSO typ / ± 1 % OMV

2WD (R5) ± 0.1 % FSO typ / ± 1 % OMV

4WD (R53) ± 0.1 % FSO typ / ± 1 % OMV

Rolling road days

We are able to provide Car Club enthusiasts the chance to test their vehicles at one of our rolling road days, where each vehicle tested will be provided with a print out of their torque and power outputs. Please feel free to contact us to arrange a day for your club.

Additionally discounts are available for larger groups.

Prices vary according to the number of cars and type.

To book, or for pricing information on Rolling Road days please contact us via the details below with suggested dates and the number of vehicles expected.

Phone : 01482 322446